22 April-Theatre Workshop

Dear Theatre enthusiasts,

Let’s keep the ball rolling and make this project grow!

At each workshop we have new people joining and this is our biggest asset: the addition to the creativity and the quality of the result. You are welcome!

It is important to say that in this creative process both actors’ and non actors’ contribution will be valuable!

You can also join the group – pics and recent info will be shared there as well.

In a nutshell, the focus of our meetings is to taste a mix of improv and script based acting and to develop short play concepts with a collaborative approach.

Program of this meeting:
19:00-20:15 : Warm-up exercises and improv games
20:15-21:00 : Script based work and preparation
21:00-21:30 : Performances!!
21:30-22:00 : Feedback and open discussion
And then… Drinks!!!

7MRP-The Hague

P.S. This time we will be hosted by the cultural association DHiT. The workshop is free, but there will be a box for collecting donations to support DHiT.

18th March Improvisation Workshop

Dear Theatre enthusiasts,

In the last couple of months we have been quite busy reorganizing our group and seeding our projects but now… We are back!!

With a new location: De Klok – iForesee (5 min walking from Den Haag HS train station);
a new time: we start at 7pm;
an improved format and special guests… But the core is always the same: teamwork, fun, creativity, a blend of improv and script-based theatre and no previous acting experience needed.

You can also join the FB group – pics and recent info will be shared there as well.

Or decide to join one of our running productions… We will tell you more during the evening.

Program of the meeting:
19:00-19:30 : Warm-up exercises
19:30-21:00 : Team work
21:00-22:00 : Performances & Feedback!!

The event is for free, and you can purchase snacks&drinks during the pause. And then, if you like, you can join us to have a drink together afterwards as well.

7MRP-The Hague


Hi All,

First of all, a big thank you  for turning up for the auditions!!!
All of you were great and it was an evening with a lot of fun. Hope you had fun too!!
As we told you at the event, we are trying to prepare 3 one-act plays to be performed in Den Haag, some time in May, 2016.
Currently, we are deliberating which of you to cast and in what role. We will get back to you very soon about the people ‘selected’ and also the director(s) that you have been assigned to.
We loved all of you, which makes it a very very difficult task to choose a few out of all of you. We will try our best to accommodate most of you in some roles.
Hope that everyone will still be interested in contributing back-stage or in some other manner.
Furthermore, we plan to have an open improv night/meetup soon (independent of the plays)..Hopefully, we will see you all there and can have some fun 🙂
Best Regards,
Den Haag

Current state of the plays

Our small and bold theatre group is doing well. We have drafts of 3 short plays, so we can proceed to the next level! We want now to assign the roles, finalize the scripts and stage the plays for 1 or 2 performances (open to the public) in May (exact date still t.b.d.). I’m talking with 2 venues in The Hague that could host us. Both of them are halls used for speeches and concerts (not yet the Koninklijke Schouwburg, sorry to disappoint you…;)).

Before the Christmas break we need to know who amongst you wants to commit and take a role in the performance(s) in May, so that we can plan the rehearsals. Of course I refer to who wants to act but also to who wants to help as stage manager, costumes and props responsible or technician. In one or the 3 plays (number one in attachment) we also miss the director.
If after next Friday we will have not filled all the roles we need, I will send around another mail, to give an opportunity to who could not come to our 2 casting meetings.

In the attachment a short synopsis of the plays (each of them is a 20-30 min long act), based on what I have received from the directors. You will also find there the list of characters.

a) The performance(s) in May will consist of the 3 plays performed in sequence and introduced by a presenter (total of about 1,5h).
b) Each play will have its own director, cast and rehearsal schedule. Rehearsals will start early/mid January and will go on till May.
c) Each actor will be responsible of finalizing his/her character’s lines in the script, before/during rehearsals (you can ask the directors more info about that).

I hope it all makes sense! For more details (and to apply to play a role!) please come to this and next Friday’s meetings.

7MRP team