We’re Ba-ack!

7MRP Presents

An evening of free Zoom online readings both comedic and profound.
What happens when a community of actors, writers and directors, quarantined by an unpredictable virus, seeks an outlet for its creativity? Inspiration! Hilarity! Bedlam! Brilliance!?

Written and directed by Dana Roskey
Can a vaccine revive the love between a man and a woman?

Sheet of Emotions
A monologue written by Matteo Pasquini
Passion made visible through the power of paper and ink.

A Midsummer’s Night Dream
Act 1, Scene 2
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Dana Roskey

A Toss for the Throne
Written and directed by Dana Roskey
Selected recorded scenes of 7MRP’s production from summer 2020
Game of Thrones meets Monty Python in a production tailor-made for the Zoom community.

Wednesday, 26 May, 2021, 8 pm (Netherlands time)

Free Zoom Link:

A Toss for the Throne

And it’s a wrap! Season 1 of  “A Toss for the Throne” is complete: 42 episodes of Zoom medieval fantasy (nothin at all like “Game of Thrones”) recorded and posted in 60 days! Look for the grand season finale among the episodes in our Youtube account. Episode 1 is below to lead you to our account.

Toss Image 1

It was a time when the community needed to bind together – maintaining a distance of 1,5 metres from each other, of course. 7mrp wanted to do its part and show that theatre survived all circumstances to elevate hearts and mind. And so we launched a new production, conducted through the safe and hygienic medium of videoconferencing, a daringly innovative new script by 7mrp’s own Dana Roskey, an epic tale entitled “A Toss for the Throne”.

Please consider supporting 7mrp in their Toss project by donating a small amount toward Season 2:



See all of Season One on Youtube:

Toss Episode 1

First Rehearsal, Part One:  “No, Nothing Like That”


The Admiral – The Bald of the Hairy Men and Don Cornetto

Amit Koikkarah Aji – John Dirt

Damien Crielaard – Gwyneth

Teresa Hagen – Queen Petri

Lina Kagli – The Green Witch

Sander Laban – King of the Forest Walkers

Marcus Karlsson – King Battelrod, Satin, and the Demon Baby

Matteo Pasquini – Bernhard

Dana Roskey – Director

Josephine Roskey – Messenger and Princess Brandy

Dina Sobhi – Breezy Dinero

Luca Tschabold – Ringworm


“The Hotel de Jong” and “Levi, Act One”

Flyer 2

“The Hotel de Jong” and “Levi, Act One”

by Dana Roskey

2 original plays in 1 evening! Coming in April!

“The Hotel de Jong” is the first one-act, a drama. It is based on the story of Korean hero Yi Jun. In 1907, Japan is moving to make Korea a protectorate. The Korean Emperor sends a secret mission to the 1907 Hague Peace Conference, headed by diplomat and lawyer Yi Jun. Will the mission be a success? Will anyone at the conference listen?

“Levi” is a farcical satire inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’s classic novel, “The Master and Margarita”. Mephistopheles and St. Matthew struggle for the soul of young Margarita and her brilliant beau, Muis.

Each play has a wonderful cast chosen from among local performers, and they will make it a supremely entertaining evening.

April 14, 20:00 at the Studio de Bakkerij in Rotterdam. Tickets available!

April 21, 20:00 at the Gymzaal in The Hague. Tickets available!

April 26 at the Cinema Teatro Kolbe in Venice

April 28 at the Associazione Culturale in Venice

Levi: the Rehearsal Tapes!  Cameos from so many famous people!

Murder Mystery Dinner

NOTICE: tickets are very popular! Make sure you proceed to pay A.S.A.P. so as to secure your ticket!

Murder Mystery Dinner: Celebrate Halloween in style!

A terrible murder is going to occur on Tuesday, October 31. Are you smart enough to figure out who the killer is? Come and enjoy a delicious 3-course (blood and violence free) vegetarian-dinner provided by Conscious Kitchen. Dive into the thrilling atmosphere by becoming part of a play brought to you by 7MRP theatre group.

Don’t worry about stage fear: you don’t need to perform, just help solving the mystery while enjoying a terrific dinner! So get in the mood for Halloween and contribute towards costs for making the Gymzaal fit as a vibrant community space.

Act quick, there are only 25 spots!

Location: De Gymzaal. Witte de Withstraat 127

Cost: 10 Euro (as a minimum amount to guarantee your spot, but you are more than welcome to donate more as a contribution towards the renovation of the Gymzaal)

Drinks: 1 welcome smoothie included in the price. In case you want to consume wine or beer during dinner, please bring your own

To register please RSVP via Facebook on this event page

This event is done in cooperation with lekkernassûh


Acting Workshop: New Year edition

As per tradition, every last Friday of the month 7MRP invites you to take part in our acting workshop. Beginners and more experienced alike, everyone is welcome. It’s up to you how much you want to get involved.

Peculiarity of this edition is that near the end, we will dedicate some time to an open stage session: if you have a story to tell or a skill you want to showcase, the stage is yours! The bulk of the night, however, will go on as usual: fun, games, group assignments and a lot of creativity!

The program is as follows:

  • 19:30-20:00: warm-up exercises
  • 20:00-20:30: improv games
  • 20:30-20:45: pause
  • 20:45-21:10: working in groups
  • 21:00- 21:40: groups performing!
  • 21:40- 20:00: open stage: show your talent!

After the workshop you are invited to have a drink  with us in the town.

The entrance is free, as always, and a small contribution to DHiT is very much apreciated.

  • Date: Friday, 28 th January
  • Time: 19:30-22:00
  • Place: DHiT Gym – Witte de Withstraat 119, 2518 CS Den Haag

See you there!

An Open Call

7MRP has been working on a special project for the last few months. It is coming along nicely, and we would like for you to be part of it as well.

Auditions will be taking place the following weeks. You may prepare yourself, if you wish:

. a 2-3 minute solo piece. You will perform this piece during the first part of the audition. You shall show us how you interpret a character and how you can switch through different emotions.

. second part is an improv exercise and you don’t require special preparation for that.

. if you have a hidden talent you would like to showcase,  you are very welcome to do so.

Date: Friday, 20th January

Time: 19.30- 22.00

Place: O’Caseys Irish Pub & Restaurant(1st floor)Noordeinde 140, 2514 GP The Hague