A Toss for the Throne

It’s a time when the community needs to bind together – maintaining a distance of 1,5 metres from each other, of course. 7mrp wants to do its part and show that theatre survives all circumstances to elevate hearts and mind. And so we launch a new production, conducted through the safe and hygienic medium of videoconferencing, a daringly innovative new script by 7mrp’s own Dana Roskey, an epic tale entitled “A Toss for the Throne”.

Toss Image 1

Video Episodes:

Toss 35: “The Sight of Him Breaks Weak Men”

Toss 34: “Demon Pregnancies Are the Worst”

Toss 33: “Like We Have Liberated You”

Toss 32: “Riddler, You Will Be My Head of the Guards”

Toss 31: “You Thought Magic Could Be Domesticated?”

Toss 30: “Doesn’t He Look Like a King? Yum Yum.”

Toss 29: “Yes, We Are All in Quarantine”

Toss 28: “That’s Very Childish”


Toss 27: “Hairy Men Don’t Like It When a Man Dresses Like a Horse”


Toss 26: “I Am Victor of the Village”


Toss 25: “The Breezy Must Be Stopped”



Toss 24: “Well, They Are Very Big Eggs”



23: “I Turned Down Prince Harry for this Gig”



22:  “I Need to Tell You about the Prophesies”



21: “Remember the Part About the People Hating Us?”



20: “There Was a Strange Green Man in the Woods”



19: “I Told You I Eat with the Pigs”



18.  “Welcome, Mr Dirt”



17.  “Please, Do That Trick Again”



16.  “Yes, But I Am a Man”



15. “I’m Working With Idiots”



14.  “Death Isn’t Such a Bad Thing, Is it?”



13.  “Get Used to It”



12. “Sorry, I Don’t Have a Sword”



11. Scene: “You Are Dirt”



10. Scene: “The Boy Has No Friends to Play With”



9.  Rehearsal-and-Scene: “Why Have You Come, Green Witch?”



8.  Rehearsal: “He’s Playing with His Tin Soldiers”



7.  Rehearsal: “This is a Seduction Scene”



6. First Scene, Part Two: “Our Beautiful Conspiracy”



5. First Scene, Part One: “How is the Pork Today?”



4. Second Rehearsal: “I See You Putting on a Bow Tie”



3. First Rehearsal, Part Three:  “You Are a Worthless Old Man, Battlerod”



2. First Rehearsal, Part Two:  “More Ale Over Here”



1. First Rehearsal, Part One:  “No, Nothing Like That”





The Admiral – The Bald of the Hairy Men and Don Cornetto

Amit Koikkarah Aji – John Dirt

Damien Crielaard – Gwyneth

Teresa Hagen – Queen Petri

Lina Kagli – The Green Witch

Sander Laban – King of the Forest Walkers

Marcus Karlsson – King Battelrod, Satin, and the Demon Baby

Matteo Pasquini – Bernhard

Dana Roskey – Director

Josephine Roskey – Messenger and Princess Brandy

Dina Sobhi – Breezy Dinero

Luca Tschabold – Ringworm

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