A Toss for the Throne

And it’s a wrap! Season 1 of  “A Toss for the Throne” is complete: 42 episodes of Zoom medieval fantasy (nothin at all like “Game of Thrones”) recorded and posted in 60 days! Look for the grand season finale among the episodes in our Youtube account. Episode 1 is below to lead you to our account.

Toss Image 1

It was a time when the community needed to bind together – maintaining a distance of 1,5 metres from each other, of course. 7mrp wanted to do its part and show that theatre survived all circumstances to elevate hearts and mind. And so we launched a new production, conducted through the safe and hygienic medium of videoconferencing, a daringly innovative new script by 7mrp’s own Dana Roskey, an epic tale entitled “A Toss for the Throne”.

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See all of Season One on Youtube:

Toss Episode 1

First Rehearsal, Part One:  “No, Nothing Like That”


The Admiral – The Bald of the Hairy Men and Don Cornetto

Amit Koikkarah Aji – John Dirt

Damien Crielaard – Gwyneth

Teresa Hagen – Queen Petri

Lina Kagli – The Green Witch

Sander Laban – King of the Forest Walkers

Marcus Karlsson – King Battelrod, Satin, and the Demon Baby

Matteo Pasquini – Bernhard

Dana Roskey – Director

Josephine Roskey – Messenger and Princess Brandy

Dina Sobhi – Breezy Dinero

Luca Tschabold – Ringworm