“The Hotel de Jong” and “Levi, Act One”

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“The Hotel de Jong” and “Levi, Act One”

by Dana Roskey

2 original plays in 1 evening! Coming in April!

“The Hotel de Jong” is the first one-act, a drama. It is based on the story of Korean hero Yi Jun. In 1907, Japan is moving to make Korea a protectorate. The Korean Emperor sends a secret mission to the 1907 Hague Peace Conference, headed by diplomat and lawyer Yi Jun. Will the mission be a success? Will anyone at the conference listen?

“Levi” is a farcical satire inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’s classic novel, “The Master and Margarita”. Mephistopheles and St. Matthew struggle for the soul of young Margarita and her brilliant beau, Muis.

Each play has a wonderful cast chosen from among local performers, and they will make it a supremely entertaining evening.

April 14, 20:00 at the Studio de Bakkerij in Rotterdam. Tickets available!

April 21, 20:00 at the Gymzaal in The Hague. Tickets available!

April 26 at the Cinema Teatro Kolbe in Venice

April 28 at the Associazione Culturale in Venice

Levi: the Rehearsal Tapes!  Cameos from so many famous people!