Hi All,

First of all, a big thank you  for turning up for the auditions!!!
All of you were great and it was an evening with a lot of fun. Hope you had fun too!!
As we told you at the event, we are trying to prepare 3 one-act plays to be performed in Den Haag, some time in May, 2016.
Currently, we are deliberating which of you to cast and in what role. We will get back to you very soon about the people ‘selected’ and also the director(s) that you have been assigned to.
We loved all of you, which makes it a very very difficult task to choose a few out of all of you. We will try our best to accommodate most of you in some roles.
Hope that everyone will still be interested in contributing back-stage or in some other manner.
Furthermore, we plan to have an open improv night/meetup soon (independent of the plays)..Hopefully, we will see you all there and can have some fun 🙂
Best Regards,
Den Haag