Current state of the plays

Our small and bold theatre group is doing well. We have drafts of 3 short plays, so we can proceed to the next level! We want now to assign the roles, finalize the scripts and stage the plays for 1 or 2 performances (open to the public) in May (exact date still t.b.d.). I’m talking with 2 venues in The Hague that could host us. Both of them are halls used for speeches and concerts (not yet the Koninklijke Schouwburg, sorry to disappoint you…;)).

Before the Christmas break we need to know who amongst you wants to commit and take a role in the performance(s) in May, so that we can plan the rehearsals. Of course I refer to who wants to act but also to who wants to help as stage manager, costumes and props responsible or technician. In one or the 3 plays (number one in attachment) we also miss the director.
If after next Friday we will have not filled all the roles we need, I will send around another mail, to give an opportunity to who could not come to our 2 casting meetings.

In the attachment a short synopsis of the plays (each of them is a 20-30 min long act), based on what I have received from the directors. You will also find there the list of characters.

a) The performance(s) in May will consist of the 3 plays performed in sequence and introduced by a presenter (total of about 1,5h).
b) Each play will have its own director, cast and rehearsal schedule. Rehearsals will start early/mid January and will go on till May.
c) Each actor will be responsible of finalizing his/her character’s lines in the script, before/during rehearsals (you can ask the directors more info about that).

I hope it all makes sense! For more details (and to apply to play a role!) please come to this and next Friday’s meetings.

7MRP team

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