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7MRP Theatre Group Production Presents

Constrained! – An Evening of Theatre and Poetry

A one-act play by Mario Fratti
Direction: Alma Gypsy, Katerina Vira (assistant director)
Starring: Patricia C. Roca and M. Pasquini

“On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco”
A theatre monologue by Anton Chekhov
Direction: Vasiliki Koutrouli
Starring: Roberto Bacchilega

“16 Minutes for Voices and Bodies”
A one-act physical theatre performance
Inspired by a play by M. Pasquini
Starring: Patricia C. Roca and M. Pasquini

“Poetry Reading”
International authors read their poetry on the theme: Constrained!

See ticket link for full list of performances. Produced by 7MRP and Patricia C. Roca. The event will be in English.

2 November 2019

8:30-10 pm, doors open at 8:15 pm

Haagse Toneelvereniging

Lange Lombardstraat 38, 2512 VP Den Haag

Tickets: www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/constrained



7MRP Productions Presents

Two One-Act Plays in English

Written and Directed by Dana Roskey

“The Up, The Down, and The Strange”

While researching the effects on lab animals of exposure to an unknown alternate dimension, a couple and their slave grapple with the expected rituals of punishment and humiliation accepted in their own reality, leaving open the question whether the alternate dimension may offer a less violent, more equitable environment than their own.

“Book of Names”

Alessandro has lost his faith. He’s also lost his relationship. Alessandro confides his troubles to Laura, a bartender with a story of her own. Through a book of baby names, they find a way to share their stories of loss, regret, belief and love.

9 November 2019

8:30-9:45 pm, doors open at 8:15 pm

Folkhouse Matrix

Mauritsstraat 16, 3012 CJ Rotterdam


23 November 2019

8:30-9:45 pm, doors open at 8:15 pm

Haagse Toneelvereniging

Lange Lombardstraat 38, 2512 VP Den Haag




By Matteo Pasquini

“Each one of us has a role and a responsibility in pursuing civil rights and freedom, but it is so easy to acquiesce and to surrender.”

16 Minutes takes the audience on a journey through democracy and civil action as safeguards for citizen freedom in the age of digital surveillance.

We start with a theatre performance that centers on a reunion between the two childhood friends Mabur and Ulin, the latter of whom lives abroad and has returned home for a short visit. Slowly but surely, a daunting shadow creeps into the ambience, when the new political realities of Ulin’s home country start interfering with each friend’s individual fear and aspirations. Will their age-long friendship survive the recent political changes?

After the performance we engage the audience in a conversation about citizen freedom and digital surveillance.  We reflect, speak up and share as a community.

A 7MRP Theatre Group production.

-The event is in English-

Upcoming performances:

18/05/2019 8pm – 9:45pm, doors open at 7:45pm


Lange Lombardstraat, 2512 VP, Den Haag

Tickets : Ticketkantoor.nl

26/05/2019 7:30pm – 9:15pm, doors open at 7:15pm

De Gymzaal

Witte de Withstraat 127, Den Haag

Tickets : Ticketkantoor.nl


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