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7MRP The Hague and Bertha von Suttner Peace- Institute present


By Dana Roskey

‘The Hotel de Jong’ is a drama based on the story of Korean hero Yi Jun. In 1907, Japan is moving to make Korea a protectorate. The Korean Emperor sends a secret mission to the 1907 Hague Peace Conference, headed by diplomat and lawyer Yi Jun. Will the mission be a success? Will anyone at the conference listen?
The Drama Hotel de Jong tells the story of one of the three emissaries, Yi Jun and shows his increasing desperation in his hotel room in Wagenstraat 124 in The Hague when it became clear that the mission was facing strong oppositions. In 1995, after extensive renovations, the former “Hotel de Jong” became the Yi Jun Peace Museum, dedicated to Yi Jun’s story and that of Korea’s history with impressive exhibits.

Upcoming performance :

23 September from 18:00-20:00

Moltkestraße 41, 53173 Bonn, Deutschland

Tickets : Bonnticket.de

@Friedensraum im Rahmen der Bonner Friedenstage 2018

Call for actors! Theatre project:

“16 Minutes”


You are invited to the auditions for the theatre project:

“16 MINUTES”Please request the material for the audition at: 7mrp.thehague@gmail.com

“Each one of us has a role and a responsibility in pursuing
civil rights and freedom, but it is so easy to acquiesce
and to surrender.”
“For the staging we will use an approach based on the synergy between body, text and interpretation.

The selected group of actors will create the performance with an open and not judgemental mood.”

>When: weekly rehearsals from October 2018 to May 2019;
>Where: The Hague;
>Performance: April-May 2019;
>Cost: 20€ as partial coverage of the rehearsal space costs (taking part to the audition is free of charge of course!)